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we keep your memories safe

Now there's an alternative to expensive copy charges for your old family photographs.

What it is:

Now you have a new quick and inexpensive way to get lots of pictures into a digital form. The resulting files can be used to make good photos about the same size as the original, or even a little bit bigger.

What it isn't:

The finished product consists of digital files on a data CD. It can be displayed as a slide show using Windows XP and clicking "view as a slide show". The photos are not always turned the same direction but can be rotated using Windows XP or any photo editing software. If you like, we will preview all of your images and your CD and rotate all the images to "heads up" for 8 cents per image.

If you're a digital photo enthusiast, you can use these "digital copy negatives" to build a DVD slide show or a web site or add photos to your books and letters.

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Everyday scanning charges, for bulk orders:

  • "Trial special" - up to 50 photos, on a CD, $19.95.
  • Up to 100 photos, including CD : $37.95.
  • Additional photos over 100, only 20 cents each
  • Duplicate CD's $4.99 each.
  • Duplicate DVD's $9.95 each

Index prints with a thumbnail sized photo and file name for every image $1.50 each. 25 files per index print.

Due to technical considerations, photos are not scanned in the same order provided to us but can be returned to you in any order you like. Just number all prints on the back. We will scan all the photos and then arrange the files in order prior to creating your CD. Cost: 8 cents per print.

Scanning & Transfers

What can be scanned this way:

Photo prints that are un-mounted, at least 2 x 3 inches and no bigger than 8" x 11 inches can be scanned at "Shoebox Special" pricing.

More details:

  • Prints larger than 8.5x11 but smaller than 12x18 can be manually scanned and added at $9.95 each.
  • Image size: Photos as scanned at 300 dpi at the size of the original photo. We save them as high quality jpg files.
  • Images retain about the same color as the original. Faded images are still faded, good pictures are still good.
  • For photos that are in need of repair or restoration ask about Fix-A-
  • Print service.

Ordering Tips

Prepare your photos for scanning by removing them from envelopes. All Post-It notes, tape or adhesives must be removed.

If you face all the pictures the same way, we'll try to keep them all heads up. However, we may have to turn some to feed through the scanner.

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Please note:

Prints bound into books or albums or mounted onto cardboard or any rigid material are not eligible for "Shoebox Special" pricing. We can handle all those "nonconforming" prints at $1.99 each. You can choose whether to have us include those nonconforming originals at $1.99 each, or return them to you as is.

That same price applies to prints that are too small for our automated scanner.

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